The Bestest of the Best

Picking a favorite podcast episode is liking trying to pick your favorite child; in other words, a very straightforward and logic driven decision. Below is a collection of some of our favorite episodes from the last year and a half. 


What Am The Politics of Language?

In which we learn all about the politics of language from the suavest Irish speaking man alive, Mr Peter Kavanagh. Come for the whimsical and insightful banter, stay for the lewd Irish translations and Bono bashing


What Am Watergate?


You guys, political corruption is soooo hot right now. Thanks to Trump, federal government investigations may seem like a trendy news story, but he is far from the first of his kind. This week, Steve teaches Richie about the original bad boy of American politics and the story of his fall from grace.

Who Am Teddy Roosevelt?

Part I & PART II

"We're bringing Teddy back. Them other presidents don't know how to act."
Excerpt from our upcoming album, "Future Teddy Love Sounds" dropping later this year. If you can't wait for that, then please enjoy this very special two part series on the life of Theodore Roosevelt. 

What Am "The People Vs Tech: How The Internet Is Killing Democracy"?

Could the current digital revolution mean the end of our fragile democratic system? Is our political free will being eroded way by nefarious and biased entities? Has Richie successfully replaced Steve with a Google Home Assistant? We discuss these, and other equally harrowing topics, with author Jamie Bartlett.

What Am China?

577 Emperors, 4000 years of history and 1.4 billion people is a lot to cover in one episode, but if anyone can, its Steve. At least, thats what he told Richie when he pitched an episode on the worlds second biggest economy

What Am A TD?

Politicians are people too. It’s easy to forget that, especially when the misdeeds of a couple of bad apples dominate public perception. This week, Steve and Richie sit down with one of the good ones, Kate O’Connell from Fine Gael.

What Am Eurovision?

It's that time again! Get your sequin studded cape out of the cupboard, dust off your copy of 'How to Dance Like a Swede' and get ready for Eurovision 2018.Dónal Mulligan joins us once again to reprise his role as the Glitter Gandalf and guide us through the most interesting stories and songs of this years competition.