What Am Happening in 2018?

"What Am Politics?" - Episode 34

2018: The much anticipated sequel to the critically panned "2017".

Join Steve and Richie as they look to the year ahead and breakdown its potential milestones.

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In our first episode of 2018, Steve promised that for every episode we release, he would type up a post with links of stuff mentioned in the show and further reading. So... Here is the first (and hopefully not the last) of these supplementary reading lists.

First up; FOMO. This is the beautifully designed bi-weekly newsletter about whats happening in arts and culture by Marcus Pettersson. We gave this a shout-out because it's super interesting. And Richie stole Marcus's beer.

The Economist- Year in 2018: The annual guide to everything the clever people at the Economist think is going to be important next year. This magazine was released in November 17, so it may be tricky to find in a shop. 

We have two recommendations from the New York Times in this episode. The first was an article by Thomas Erdbrink on the protests in Iran and why they have not yet spread to Tehran. The second is a podcast Steve listens to, well, Daily... If you're looking for a 15-20min round up of what's important right now, look no further than this amazing podcast by Michael Barbaro.

We covered China's moves to expand its influence over countries far and wide in this episode. Much of this is credited to the vision of President Xi, as The New Yorker magazine covered in this long read.

Last, but not least, Wikipedia! In his EXTENSIVE research for this episode, Steve found no better guide to the 2018 US Senate elections than this chart on the world's second best free source of information (What Am Politics obvs being #1).