What Am Trade Unions?

What Am Politics? Episode 43

Trade Unions: for many, they are a vital support in day to day working life. So when Ted the Labradoodle, What Am Politics' only employee, approached Steve and Richie with demands for better working rights (mostly involving more scheduled rubs and better quality treats), the lads thought they had better ask an expert how Trade Unions work.

Michael Taft, an economic researcher for SIPTU, is here to explain how Trade Unions are vital to protecting the rights of workers in today's ever changing economic system.

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Download Form RFA2 and take it to be signed in the presence of a member of the Garda Síochána. You'll need to bring photo ID. In order to be registered the RFA2 Form must arrive in your City or County Council for the area in which you live 14 working days before the election date.

More info on the referendum.

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